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GMnavy.go promises fun to the 10th power!
And it promises to lift the education ranking of our nation's vast pre-k-12 human capital resource.
But how can both be true?
Study this business plan to see for yourself.

(Sorry, this site is merely the business plan for HSeverywhere.  Three things you should know: 1. The fictitious name GMnavy.go is substituted for HSeverywhere to help a Fortune 100 visualize the benefit (to itself ) of a high-profile URL presence.  2. As a parent, in the event you support the pre-k-12 objective of this business plan, ask a Fortune 100 or a government agency to study the business plan.  3. Such entity can contact us regarding access to the hundreds of pages of password-protected complexity.) 

Welcome to the future of education, a social media site where elementary, middle and high school students are hands-on as they learn and develop new abilities and interest in learning, and where even the youngest of children are incentivized to participate with their parents. If you do nothing else, click on the gold-colored News and Blog tab at the top of this site. The articles there are submitted to this business plan site from parents and other volunteers working for the launch of the pre-k-12 Website, temporarily referred to as GMnavy.go. The purpose of GMnavy.go is to ramp up the productivity of secondary education. Critically important, micro and macro results will be measureable via dozens of current and time-honored metrics.

How GMnavy.go will help recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S.:

  • Provides free access for students, parents and schools
  • Appeals systematically and relentlessly to every young person to come join the fun; and to protect privacy, to join as part of a network restricted to their local school
  • Entices students to come meet with their friends, make new friends and perhaps just sit back and have a great time, oras their expertise evolvestry their hand at publishing concepts, games, simulations and working models
  • Encourages students to enter their published content to win weekly contests, awards and scholarships
  • Presentsat 4:00 P.M. each day!an "entirely new" site of astoundingly engaging content for a hands-on national audience
  • Allows students to learn from other students' work and discuss research and publications with other students
  • Enables parents, mentors and subject-specific experts to provide guidance and input to students, helping them take their study and research even further

How GMnavy.go will improve America's education system:

  • Place the site's unique Reader's icon exactly where it has to be to transform non-readerswhether preschoolers, K-12 students or their parentsto readers
  • Position students to discover an infinite range of interests, a key step in building background knowledge for further learning (for instance, potentially addicting to those who happen upon it, "combinatorics," a math branch typically unfamiliar to the young person's parents and teachers, can forever change even a fifth grader's motivation to learn
  • Catalyze students to learn by doing, build an accelerating experience base, fill positions throughout the site . . . and own the site
  • Meld students with real-world learning including first-hand exposure to the STEM subjects 
  • Provide students with achievements to showcase on college applications and resumes

Wanted: A Primary Corporate "SPONSOR" For The Education System Of The Future

Although a Fortune 100's initial reflex to becoming the site's national SPONSOR/enhancer of pre-k-12 education may be Why?, advantage to the bottom line may be profound. 

What a lead sponsorship will do for your company:

  • Make your company a household name mentioned each day by tens of millions of young people and parents
  • Cause new legions of consumers en masse to suddenly seek out your product, brand or service
  • Develop a new generation of consumers who may bond for a lifetime with your brand
  • Drive up your company's key metrics (metrics must be precisely confirmable)

To determine for yourself the strength of these four bullet points, read our business plan.

Clicking on the business plan link will take you to the Master Index. Once there, simply clicking on the first topic, Welcome to GMnavy.go will bring you back to this page. Instead, continue down the Master Index to other topics. To access the topics not highlighted, you may contact Vernon Baker at vabaker@hseverywhere.com

Remember, as parents across the U.S. can explain, the pre-k-12 GMnavy.go site is not just another "education" site. Everyone, it seems, has one of those, and yet the nation's pre-k-12 results on the so-called "Nation's Report Card," PISA, etc. remain dismal.

For more about the value of the pre-k-12 social networking site, click on the gold News & Blog tab at the top of the page. 
Also keep in mind that as a marketing tool, "paid ads" in a venue such as Facebook may be a poor use of marketing dollars, as General Motors found. (As noted in this business plan, ads per se will not be permitted in the pre-k-12 site.)

Finally, this site is merely the business plan for the future site by whatever name, whether GMnavy.go, HSeverywhere.com or a URL that includes Coke, Apple, your company's name or that of your competitor.

A major role for volunteers:

Spread The Word

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Read the plan

Clicking on this link will take you to the Master Index. At the index, click on any of the highlighted topics, but if you click on Welcome to GMnavy.go, sorry, you will simply come back to this page. For a quick overview, click Prologue. To learn how to use this site, click the Help topic. Or scroll to the bottom of the Master Index to the Storyboards. The depth of this plan—primarily the non-highlighted links—offers a precise and immediate path to recast the productivity of our nation's vast pre-k-12 human capital resource. 

Help Us Move This Model Forward . . .

Please email Vernon Baker at vabaker@hseverywhere.com if you have a contact at a Fortune 100 company (or a government entity) that you feel should have interest in helping sponsor this project. Or probably more effective, perhaps invite the company to review this business plan.

Don't be concerned if you feel that young people and parents currently have no particular loyalty to the Fortune 100 company you have in mind; that will change as the process described in this site becomes the differentiator.