Welcome To The Future Of Education! A business plan to recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S

school6Welcome to the future of education!
A social media site where students are hands-on as they learn

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robot3GMnavy.go will help recast pre-k-12 education in the U.S
by appealing to every young person to come join the fun...

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Welcome to the future of education!

This site is merely the business plan for a future social media site where elementary, middle and high school students are hands-on as they learn and develop new abilities and interest in learning, and where even the youngest of children are incentivized to participate with their parents. If you do nothing else, click on the Blog and News link. The articles there are submitted to this business plan site from parents and other volunteers working for the launch of the pre-k-12 Website, temporarily referred to as GMnavy.goThe purpose of GMnavy.go is to ramp up the productivity of secondary education. Critically important, micro and macro results will be measureable via dozens of current and time-honored metrics.

Three things you should know:

  1. The fictitious name GMnavy.go is substituted for HSeverywhere to help a Fortune 100 visualize the benefit (to itself ) of a high-profile URL presence.
  2. As a parent, in the event you support the pre-k-12 objective of this business plan, ask a Fortune 100 or a government agency to study the business plan.
  3. Such entity can contact us regarding access to the hundreds of pages of password-protected complexity.

GMnavy.go promises fun to the 10th power!

And it promises to lift the education ranking of our nation's vast pre-k-12 human capital resource.
But how can both be true?
Study this business plan to see for yourself.


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